How To Make Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror Frame

Distressed Wood Bathroom Mirror

Reclaimed Wood Bathroom Mirror – Decorating any room of the home through a mirror will bring a greater amplitude and luminosity, if we also add a decorative frame the result will be spectacular. Next, you will discover how to make a reclaimed wood bathroom mirror frame with a lot of style in a very fast and simple way as an object of decoration of your home. Make reclaimed wood bathroom mirror frame step by step.

Next, we will explain what materials we will need to make the reclaimed wood bathroom mirror frame and what instructions we will follow to build our decorative frame. In addition, we can make many frames for decorative mirrors, handcrafted, for bathroom mirror and take original ideas of decoration.

The indispensable materials to make a reclaimed wood bathroom mirror frame will be the following: Mirror, reclaimed wood, plastic paint, small brush, tail, measuring tape, rule, and double-sided tape. The instructions to follow to elaborate the reclaimed wood frame will follow the order listed below: Measure the height and width of the mirror very accurately, Mark the measurements of the mirror in the molding, Cut the reclaimed wood with a cutter, Paint the frame with the brush covering the entire surface, Place the mirror on the wall, checking that it is completely horizontal, Fix the frame, side by side, with double-sided tape.

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