Floating Bathroom Vanity Idea

Wooden Floating Bathroom Vanity

Floating bathroom vanity – Glass vessel sink, uniquely designed fixtures and a will to incorporate drains into a bathroom decorating scheme initiated era of liquid vanity. These prefabricated parts of granite, composite and other bathroom countertop materials are mounted on walls instead of being supported by cabinets and other furniture. Once the program is installed, they seem to float in the room.

Liquid vanity requires superior wall supports since natural stone is heavy. Add the weight of a thick glass or ceramic vessel sink. And, so you understand the importance of structural stiffness required to keep these floating bathroom vanity under the big vanity mirror. Choose the white painted cabinet with a bowl of sink on the top to be placed under a large mirror.

Use stencil and black paint to add a geometric design on one side of the cabinet creating an asymmetrical look. Paint the wall behind the mirror in an orange, red or a golden yellow. The result is a combination of traditional and modern furniture in an edged look. Over a floating bathroom vanity, place a large oval mirror in a Victorian style frame. Victorian frames are typically made of artificially carved wood or ceramics. Choose a frame that is dark in color.

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