Dresser Bathroom Vanity Style

Original Dresser Bathroom Vanity

Dresser bathroom vanity – When it’s time to renovate, or add an extra bathroom in your home, you might wonder what’s common or standard for bathroom sink height. Although there are standards that builders and designers use as guidelines, these guidelines can be changed to suit the needs of homeowners.


Other products that are wall mounted allow homeowners a choice in the location height dresser bathroom vanity. Whether you choose to first choose a sink and then add a vanity, or vice versa, the two must work well together as far as design.

Add the height

A tall person can find the height of the average dresser bathroom vanity quite inconvenient. However, the height can be changed with the addition of a new base that could add an extra 15 to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches). Glass blocks are not only strong but come in toned and textured glass. You can make the glass an outstanding by placing lighting behind the glass and used as an unusual night lamp. The height can also be won by using a kitchen countertop instead of a traditional bathroom vanity. Get rid of the trouble of a stepstool by mounting the sink directly on the wall. A wall-mounted sink allows you to install the sink to your exact specifications. A skirt can be attached to the sink to cover the tubes and keep them in sight, although many attractive sink styles are designed to show the tubes under the sink.

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